Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purdue Football: A new Hope

My scorn for the football program has passed; I have begun looking up towards the new season. I am interested in the offensive system changes that can take place with the re-engineered offensive unit that will be coming in next season.

I was a bit remorseful to see Curtis Painter go. Honestly. For all that you love and hate regarding Curtis, he was an experienced Quarterback. There is a lot of new anxiety whenever a new QB era comes about.

I am interested to see the impact of Danny Hope's first recruiting class when they come in. Rarely do freshman make an immediate impact on a program but there will be one or two newcomers that will see significant playing time their first year.

I am also excited about Chris Carlino and Joe Holland on the defensive side. Both are now going into their sophomore years and saw significant playing time during their freshman campaigns. More random thoughts will be posted as they come...